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If you have found a pet, please fill out our online form.  Be sure to include a description of the pet, location and date last seen and your phone number.  A PICTURE OF THE PET IS IMPORTANT IF ONE IS AVAILABLE.  We will review the information and post it as soon as possible.


Post your found pet at:






It is always best if it is possible for  you to care for the pet yourself while looking for its owners.  Any time an animal is impounded, there is the chance that it will not be claimed or rescued in time.   Although every municipality is different, the State of Kansas only requires that an animal be held for three days before it can be euthanized.    

Try to find a pet's owner.    Make up  fliers of the pet WITH A PICTURE and take them to your local veterinarians.  Give one to the mail carrier.  Post them in a prominent place in the most heavily traveled places in the area.  Put fliers up at school.  Children often pay attention to animals that adults ignore.  The Miami County papers do not charge for a FOUND ad.  Take it to a local vet and have it scanned for a microchip and to see if they recognize the pet.


Contact the local Impounding Organization and Local Shelters, Rescues and Veterinarians. 

Click HERE for the Impounding Organization list.
Click HERE for a list of local Shelters, Rescues and Veterinarians.



  miamicountylostdog.com is a free resource to help reunite lost and found pets and their owners in the Miami County Kansas area including Louisburg, Paola, Bucyrus and Osawatomie.  Site is free to the community and local pet rescues and shelters.


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